Meet Ella & Jess

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Jess and Ella – Photo by Mischa Faewynn

We are Ella and Jess, two twenty-one year old Melburnians in love. We live together (with our cat Hero) in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne.

Ella is a journalist with a keen interest in political discourse. She’s a busy bee, working, freelancing and when she gets a spare moment she draws wicked designs that we sell on Redbubble.

Jess is studying Beauty Therapy full time while writing her first novel, about a nomad named Gabriel who accidentally get’s involved with a group of rogue spies and hacktivists. She’s also writing other novels about aliens, vampires, witches, time travelling pirates, werewolves, and breaking into another dimension. And lesbians, lot’s of lesbians.

We met on the website Tumblr in 2014 and were online friends for a while. In the start of 2016, we realised we were both staying in the same suburb and met up for coffee. About a month later we started dating, and more than a year later here we are.

We both love writing, and while blogging about beauty and fashion seemed fun at the start, we’re finding out passions and our voice. At the moment we’re both really interested in stopping animal cruelty in the beauty industry and how fashion is affecting our planet. We’re fresh vegetarians want to write some more about sustainability and our ethics. Maybe one day we’ll be political bloggers. Maybe we’ll run a zine. Maybe we’ll travel the world and document that. Maybe we’ll start a youtube singing career.

Maybe we won’t.

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