What The Hell is a Lifestyle Blogger?


We’re well and truly into the age of the Internet. Everyone who’s anyone is making a career out of Instagram or crawling up Kylie Jenner’s ass and making a home. Even Ella and I are trying to be Bloggers with a capital B., Of course, that seems natural to us: we’re born and bred writers, we both have experience as journalists, and Ella even has a degree in communications under her belt. But what do we have to blog about? Are we lifestyle bloggers?

What the hell is a lifestyle blogger?

I had a quick search over on Ecosia (who plant a tree every time you search something!!! also the irony of linking you to a service is not lost on me, but I’m just telling you because they’re rad and trees are good) and found this article. The answer to my question was this: “A lifestyle blogger writes, creates, and publishes (multi)media content on various aspects of their daily lives.”

So, to paraphrase, a lifestyle blogger is any person who blogs about their lifestyle. That’s different for every person, so really this category should have a lot to offer us. You could be a teacher, a grandmother, an avid table tennis fan, or a 21-year-old lesbian from Melbourne.

So why, when someone says the words lifestyle blogger, do we usually have one distinct image in mind?

And if lifestyle blogging is supposed to be a unique and diverse genre, why does everyone try to fill out that distinct image? I have to admit, I tried to fill that image.

When Ella and I first started this blog, I was so excited about being “that girl”. You know her, she’s up to date on the makeup trends and laughs behind your back when you mistake baking and strobing. She has a well below average looking boyfriend (sorry, fiancée, how could I forget that ring) even though she looks like a human mermaid. She’s always getting coffee at the hottest, trendiest places. She’s always wearing an amazing outfit while candid shots are taken of her walking the city. She wears a floppy hat. You know exactly which hat I’m talking about.


Who would have thought I’d grow up idolising a more modern Carrie Bradshaw? Why did I want to be the very image of a straight girl?

Let’s face it, even though that’s the dream, that’s not really my life. And I do want to romanticise my life on Instagram, and I’m not saying that I’ll completely stop doing just that. I have a great wardrobe and I live in Melbourne, so I can easily dress up and go to St Kilda to take awesome photos at the coolest vegan restaurants. But after taking a moment to look at my own life that I share with Ella, and to look at the people around me, I’m left wondering what I have to talk about.

It’s all about the romanticisation, isn’t it? We dream of traveling the world, so we seek out the perfect people who are doing that. We dream of being flawless, so we seek out the perfect people and their makeup blogs. These perfect people aren’t showing us the bad that goes with the good because that would destroy the illusion. That’s why we all love the Carrie Bradshaw’s of this world, (or love to hate them), and that’s why we all want to be that girl. But even Carrie had something to talk about, which is what some of these bloggers are lacking.


How do you be a genuine person and a blogger? Is there really a point when you’re a figure online that you start to lose your personality? I don’t think that’s quite it, but I’m seeing so many people who are trying to fit this blogger mould because they want to have that reputation and aesthetic, and they have nothing to follow that up with. Maybe they have the look and the equipment, but at the end of the day, they don’t have to content or the talent to make a real point.

That’s where my anxiety comes in. What does that make me? Am I a modern day Carrie wannabee, with no real talent and nothing to say? Or am I someone who has too much to say and lack the attitude and style that comes with the role?


I think to answer that I need to think about what it is I’m here to do. Why am I blogging? What am I trying to say? I need to think about what those key points of my life are that I can blog about. I am a hip 21-year-old lesbian from Melbourne, after all. Surely I should have something fresh and cool to talk about.

As a couple, Ella and I are both very outspoken and opinionated. Luckily for us, we’re always on the same team. I think we really do have interesting and valid points to make, and where better to make them? I’m interested in psychology, Ella’s interested in politics, we’re both passionate about social justice, and mercy on you if you oppose us there. We experience something unique that a lot of bloggers don’t, being a lesbian couple. We both live with mental illness, we’re experiencing living on our own and doing adult things for the first time. We’re trying to be more ethical in all of our choices, including changing our diet, and as a result, we need to learn how to cook healthy veggie and vegan meals on a budget. Oh man, our budget. Don’t get me started on money.

There’s a lot that we can take from our daily lives; like recipes; stories; and pictures of us eating in St Kilda. There’s a lot we can take from our in-depth discourse, whether the topic is something political; philosophical; social; psychological; or just about what makes a good pizza. I don’t think I’ve run out of things to say, and man oh man, I’m going to say it.

– Jess

Comment below with your thoughts on blogging and the trend of lifestyle blogging, and what you think you’d have to talk about from your daily lives. Could you be a lifestyle blogger?


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