Exciting News!

Hey guys! You may have seen this on Instagram, but we have some super exciting news!

Ella has been offered the position of editor of an LGBT magazine, and I am going to join her as a contributor and deputy editor. We are so excited to have a new platform to share our stories and those of our LGBT friends and loved ones, and we can’t wait to spread some positivity and work on something we’re both super passionate about. We’re going to take some time to focus on writing and organising for this new project.

We still want to continue The Gal Pals, but for the next few weeks it isn’t our top priority. We still have a lot in store for this blog, and a lot of posts that we’ve outlined or half-written already, so we’re going to take a little bit longer so that we can give everything as much attention and quality as it deserves without overworking ourselves.

This is a huge journey for both of us and a bit of a juggle as we’re both working, so all of our spare time will be spent writing. Once we have this under control, you can expect to see wonderful things from us.

We expect to have our next post out on Friday the 25th of November. Make sure that you’re following our Instagram and subscribed to receive email updates from us so that you know when our new posts are out and we can update you on any changes. We are so excited to be running a magazine and our own blog at once, and can’t wait for all of you to see what we can do. Until then, we have nothing but love for everyone who’s taken the time to read what we have to say and support us this far.

– Jess .

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