Cosmetics Review – RXY Highlighters

It’s no secret: anyone who knows Jess and I knows that we love our highlighters. Borderline obsessed, even. Which is why it’s fitting that our first ever makeup review goes to one of our most beloved products.

Having searched for a while to find the perfect one we came across a few that boasted “subtle shimmer” and “soft glow”. While these products were all gorgeous in their own right, it just wasn’t what we wanted. “Subtle” wasn’t going to cut it – we wanted high pigmentation and stardust-esque glitter. We wanted to look like we’d spent time living among fairies.


Enter RXY.

A morning spent trawling through Instagram uncovered some of the most shimmery, pigmented highlighters either of us had ever laid eyes on, and eyeshadows to match. Within minutes, we’d ordered a batch of them to try. Since their arrival, they’ve quickly become a staple in our everyday makeup routines. – E

Jess applying the Pure Pigment Eyeshadow Dust onto Ella – Taken by Mischa Faewynn

When I first tried out 24 Karat on my face, I let out a gasp so shocked that Ella ran into the room thinking I’d hurt myself, which is not unlikely. Instead, I was overcome with emotion because my cheekbones were finally as shimmery as my personality is. Gone are the days of layering craft glitter on my face, RXY is all I need.

On the face, they feel feather-light and are packed with shimmer, shine, and everything nice.


I mix 24 Karat with my favourite foundation: Too Faced Born This Way in Snow – J


There are lots of ways to wear the beautiful Mineral Skinfinish Highlighter. For a dewy day look, mix your favourite highlighter powder with your foundation, moisturiser or BB cream. I use an empty moisturiser container to mix my foundations.

For a glammed up night out, use a fan brush and a light hand to dust a small amount on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and cupids bow. It can be applied wet for a more dramatic look, and you can even use this beauty on your collar bones and arms for nights when you just need to shine.


Enchanted, 24 Karat, and Crushed Jewels – J


I am one pale girl, so on days where I’m feeling particularly sparkly I use a small amount of Crushed Jewels as a bronzer, Enchanted over my blush and 24 Karat (my favourite of the trio) to add shine to the high points of my face. Ella is in love with Enchanted and uses it as her go-to highlighter.

Ella shines in Enchanted – Taken by Mischa Faewynn


Cleopatra Glow and Dazzle Lights Pure Pigment Eyeshadow Dusts


The Pure Pigment Eyeshadow Dusts are easily blendable with a magical pigment payoff.  They’re multi-purpose and I love using Cleopatra Glow as an eyeliner, it’s easy to apply using a wet angled brush. RXY have said that you can use their eyeshadow dust as lip colours or highlighters too, which is something I look forward to trying out. – J

Ella wearing Dazzle Lights Pure Pigment Eyeshadow Dust – Taken by Mischa Faewynn

RXY don’t test on animals, which we’re very happy about, and it’s all made from 100% pure minerals.


However, the diamond dust glitter – an awesome, white and pink glitter to use on your face or body – may contain plastic. Our next mission is to find a glitter product that doesn’t contain any! – E

Some of these photos were taken by our wonderful friend Mischa. Check her out on Instagram.



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